My Background


I graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University with a Bachelor of Science and from Walden University with a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I interned at Skyland Trail, a residential treatment facility in Atlanta, GA, where I worked with individuals who had thought disorders and psychosis, as well as a variety of other mental health issues. For several years, I worked in the suburbs of Atlanta at an outpatient clinic with a team of other therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists, where I gained experience with a diverse population and wide-range of mental health issues.  

I'm certified and trained in clinical hypnotherapy, as well as levels I, II, and III of HMR (holographic memory resolution) and levels I and II of Usui Reiki.  My other trainings and continuing education opportunities have involved life coaching, art-based therapy practices, and therapeutic shamanic practices.

I moved to eastern Tennessee in hopes of growing a therapy center that specializes in the treatment of anxiety and trauma through an integrative, non-traditional approach to healing.  

Clients typically experience me as energetic, comical, and upbeat. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, painting, photography, gardening, and hiking the wonderful trails of the Great Smoky Mountains.​

My Clients

Although my speciality is trauma and anxiety and self-esteem/identity development, as a licensed professional counselor with mental health service provider designation (LPC/MHSP) (License #4417), I have the knowledge and experience to work with individuals 16 years old and older who are needing help with:

  • anxiety disorders (such as generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorders, social anxiety disorder, phobias and fears)

  • trauma (such as PTSD and trauma-related problems)

  • identity and life goal exploration

  • self-esteem issues

  • spiritual/existential crisis 

  • OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder)

  • mood disorders (such as depression and bipolar disorders)

  • ADD and ADHD

  • adjustment and stage of life issues

  • grief and loss 

  • sexuality and gender identity issues

I am LGBTQIA+ allied.

My Approach

My approach is individualized for every client, using a variety of methods.  My therapy modality is most closely identified as transpersonal therapy at its very core. Transpersonal therapy has evolved and a branched off of humanistic therapy, and it is viewed as a therapy approach that incorporates enlightenment and empowerment as the ultimate goal.  Oftentimes, my approach also incorporates elements of existential therapy, experiential therapy, life coaching, and analytical psychology.  


I utilize such techniques as traditional talk therapy, hypnotherapy, life-coaching, nature-based therapy, tarot-based therapy, holographic memory resolution, trauma-reprocessing, tapping/emotional-freedom technique, meditation skills, and mind-body connection/awareness.  ​​​​​

My Perspective on Therapy

My goal as a therapist is to help you find your true self and your ideal path for your life.  Oftentimes, our true selves and paths get buried under the hurt from the past, the auto-pilot of the present, and the fears of the future.  Together, we will work to address that which holds you back—be it old patterns, traumatic memories, or negative thoughts— and to rediscover that true self and path.  I will support you as you explore negative emotions, beliefs, and behaviors, and I will help you to find and identify your own inner strength so that you can feel more grounded and rooted in the person you want to become and in the life you want to live.

I believe that therapy is an artistic, collaborative process between the therapist and the client, and in order to achieve goals, creativity is necessary.  I enjoy making therapy sessions experiential, memorable, and meaningful by bringing in activities, homework, and props.  

The Journey Towards Healing

Take a minute to think about Dorothy's adventure in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. From the very beginning, Dorothy had the magic slippers on her feet, yet she didn't realize that they were the answer to her problem the entire time. 

It was by going on her grand journey-- her great adventure-- across the land of Oz that Dorothy was able to understand and believe in the power of the magic slippers.  By the end of the journey, Dorothy knew the power of the slippers that she had.  She believed in that power, and she used it to go exactly where she wanted.

And that is exactly how I view the therapy process.

I truly believe that everyone knows how to heal.  We already have that ability within ourselves.   The problem is that we get disconnected from our true selves and our inner healers as we go through life.  We lose trust in our own abilities to heal.  We lose our directions.  We lose our ways. We no longer believe in our own powers to heal ourselves and push towards enlightenment and empowerment.

Through my work as a healer, my goal is to guide you to reconnecting back to your inner healer and to trusting your own intuition again.  

My Office

My office is nestled on the third floor of Preservation Plaza in downtown Maryville, TN. My office space was carefully planned out to be a safe place for my clients, and individuals often say that they experience my office as a calming environment.  My goal for my office was and is to create a space reminiscent of a relaxing forest, and my hope is that it provides the best environment for my clients to heal safely and to grow into empowered individuals.