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Helping individuals find direction and purpose by identification of personal values and exploration of life goals.


At its very core, Life Coaching is all about helping individuals find direction in their lives.

This is accomplished by structuring sessions around the exploration of personal values and beliefs, while moving constantly towards goal development.  This very action-oriented approach requires a commitment to change and a willingness to explore inner self, and it encourages flexibility and personal growth.  

Sessions include a variety of activities that are meant to encourage discovery and goal-building.  Some sessions are spent identifying challenges, while other sessions may be used to identify how certain values are reflected within a specific goal.  Throughout the process, clients learns more about their own personal goals, values, challenges, and passions.

As challenges and goals are identified, sometimes it is of an advantage to bring in other therapy approaches, such as tarot-based therapy, nature-based therapy, or integrative psychotherapy.  This approach lends itself easily to the combination of various approaches to further help clients move towards growth and goals.  


If you further questions about Life Coaching or would like to schedule an appointment, click the "Contact Me" link below.

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