An outdoor style of therapy that can lead to self-discovery, inner peace, and healing.


Nature and therapy both have amazing ways of healing us and clearing out our negative “stuff.”  Therefore, it only makes sense to move therapy away from the therapy couch and to combine it with time in the woods.  


The term "Nature-based Therapy" almost seems redundant, as many people already see time in nature as a therapeutic activity. But with the addition of an eclectic therapy framework, the nature experience becomes a deeper opportunity for healing, changing, growing, and gaining insight. Nature-based therapy is an alternative, holistic form of therapy that helps an individual reconnect with nature, which ultimately helps the individual reconnect with self.  It can be used as either an adjunct therapy to other therapy work or as a stand-alone service.  And as it is tailored especially with the client’s intention/goal in mind, each session is a unique experience.

It’s probably of no surprise that research has shown that time in the forest promotes better health.  Reported benefits include decreases in stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and insomnia and increases in self-esteem, concentration, memory, and pain tolerance.   Nature-based therapy is also an excellent treatment approach for the healing of trauma/PTSD, and it lends itself to self-discovery and the exploration of identity. At it's core, nature-based therapy provides an excellent framework for deeper insight and reflection.

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