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Mental health therapy that integrates multiple therapeutic approaches to help individuals meet their goals.



Integrative psychotherapy refers to the traditional practice of mental health counseling --- an art form that involves a variety of techniques to encourage exploration and problem solving. 

Psychotherapy is an active process that provides you with an opportunity to explore your identity, your goals, and your challenges in order to live a more productive life and to increase life satisfaction.  It may involve learning new coping skills or strategies, developing updated plans to reach goals, or exploring underlying issues and buried past events.  Psychotherapy can also assist you in developing and sustaining more meaningful relationships, as well as, helping you in learn and apply the skills needed to navigate and grow from the ups and downs of life.  During psychotherapy sessions, we will work together to explore your emotional difficulties, stressors/triggers, personal strengths, or past traumas/challenges.  Psychotherapy sessions typically involve activities that are meant to develop deeper insight into your emotions, thoughts, behaviors, spirituality, challenges, and goals, as it is often through deeper insight that change has the potential to occur.

Much of my therapy comes from a client-centered, transpersonal, humanistic approach; however, I integrate many approaches according to whatever the client needs.  I tend to use a holistic mindset during therapy, thinking in terms of how can more balance be achieved on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level. 

Some approaches and techniques that I might use amidst talk therapy include integrative hypnotherapy techniques, holographic memory resolution (HMR, a trauma healing technique), emotional freedom technique (tapping), tarot/archetype work, mind-body connection and felt sense experiencing, mindfulness and meditation, cognitive behavioral techniques, and experiential therapy techniques.  

If you further questions about how psychotherapy works or would like to schedule an appointment, click the "Contact Me" link below.

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