Mental health therapy for people in remote areas of Tennessee, in home-bound situations, or in need of portability of services.



Video/Phone-based therapy refers to therapy that is provided through the use of either a telephone conversation or video call.  This specific offering of therapy can be beneficial for individuals who have difficulty making it to the office for a face-to-face session.  

Reasons for this option are as varied as the individuals themselves.  Some people live in remote locations of Tennessee and are unable to find a practitioner close to them or a therapist with a similar approach to my way of conducting therapy.  Others might live in a small town and feel that they want a therapist outside of their area to provide services without having to drive a long distance.  Still others may be unable to leave their residences due to health concerns or agoraphobia. 

If you feel you are in a similar situation or you have a reason for needing these services, feel free to reach out so that we can discuss your options.  I strive to provide services that are adapted to individualized experiences. 

Video-based sessions are done through, a HIPAA compliant video conferencing tool that feels similar to FaceTime or Skype.  All that is required is access to internet and a camera, and I simply send you a link.  Clients report that this software is incredibly easy to use. Phone-based sessions are done simply through auditory telephone conversation.  While phone sessions can be limiting in terms of observing non-verbal communication, some individuals find it helpful for check-in sessions that do not require a drive to the office.

Please note that this therapy style does come with limitations.  I am only able to provide these services for residents of the state of Tennessee, due to national licensure issues within the mental health counseling field.  Additionally, some clients find a certain connection is lost when not in a face-to-face session. and Some practices require in-person appointments, such reiki and nature-based therapy.  That being said, certain other styles of therapy also lend themselves to this approach, such as traditional talk or integrative psychotherapy. 

If you further questions about how video/phone-based therapy could work for you or would like to schedule an appointment, click the "Contact Me" link below.