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  • Jesse Williams, LPC-MHSP

Election Day Spiritual Health

There's no denying it: the tension of this election is palpable. It's so thick, you can almost feel it as you walk into places. People are on edge. Stress is high. Both sides feel as if they have so much to lose. And people are taking stances on it all. Flags are flying (literally). People are picking out masks that make statements... or making a statement by not wearing a mask at all. Some are blocking their friends and family members on social media. Others are posting pointed memes and arguing over whose side is "correct." Stress is high. Emotions are intense. The election feels personal for so many. And so many are feeling disconnected due to political differences. Religious differences. Moral differences. The differences often feel irreconcilable.

I write this post today, not to sway anyone's mind. Not to attempt to draw people over to any side. Not to bait people into debate. I write this post as a call to honoring the spiritual/inspirational health aspect of holistic health on a day that carries so much tension. (For those unfamiliar with this idea, check out this blog post that explains the spiritual health aspect of holistic health.)

As I stated in my previous post on spiritual health: spirituality looks differently for all of us, regardless of what you may or may not believe. Some of us find connection to the Christian idea of Jesus and God. Others take to the forests to connect to the energy of the woods. Others might go to an art gallery and feel the warm glowing ember of inspiration deep within the soul. Some people might drop all mention of spirituality and prefer to just refer to it as the idea of pure connection/inspiration. Some call it God. Some call it Great Spirit. Universe. Higher Power. Higher Self.

The point is this: you don't have to be religious to connect to spirituality and/or inspiration. Inspiration is an energy that we all tap into.

In my own personal work with archetypes, I've recently stumbled across the archetypal idea of The Temple. Kim Krans, in her book The Wild Unknown Archetypes Guidebook, explains this archetype as the energy that we tap into when we connect to the sacred.

She states "When we think of The Temple, we often envision an architectural structure in a far-off land. We are quick to distance ourselves from the sacred, assuming we must expend much effort in order to arrive there. Yet The Temple is a universal and omnipresent energy, accessible in the highest and lowest, richest and poorest of places." It's the connection to the sacred. And it can be found in all places. Even in low places. Even in poor places.

Even on Election Days. Even when friends are blocking each other social media or families are arguing over dinner . Even when the political tension can be cut with a knife.

Spirituality and inspiration is still able to be found. The archetypal energy of The Temple archetype asks us how we connect to the sacred? How do we connect to spiritual and/or inspiration health? What do we worship? What do we pay homage to? What blocks us from connection? What brings fresh breath into the altar of our souls?

And for all us, our answers will be personal and unique.

For me, I'm sure that I'll watch the election results come in. I'm sure I'll stumble across social media and see evidence of the tension everyone is feeling.

But I will also be sure to spend time feeding my spiritual side. I'm going to purposefully step outside into nature. I'm going to intentionally connect with the outside world, with my higher power, with my higher self. I will be aware of the time I'm spending on my phone and on social media. I will be aware of how, for me, too much social media = spiritual disconnection. I will ground myself instead in love and balance. In acceptance and nature. In connection and peace.

Because regardless of how the results come in, spiritual health is something we all need to examine today. We all need to feel inspiration and connection and balance. We all need to check in with that archetype of The Temple. We don't have to go on a pilgrimage. We don't have to follow a structure or a definitive path. We simply have to close our eyes. Ground ourselves in our spiritual/inspirational connection. Pay attention to the way that we connect. And honor that time. Honor that archetype of The Temple within us all. That call to spirituality. That call to connection.

And who knows, maybe amidst connecting to your spirituality and inspiration, you'll miss a Facebook argument. Maybe you'll miss out on five-minutes of heavy tension. Maybe you'll forget a bit about the disconnection and instead feel love and oneness with those around you. Because after all, we're all in this together.


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