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  • Jesse Williams, LPC-MHSP

Taking Care of your Energetic Health Amidst a Problem of Pandemic Proportions

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Whether it was a trip to the pharmacy, a view of a social media post, or a headline from a news article, there's no denying it: we're surrounded by coronavirus dialogue. For some, it's an annoyance, fear, or frustration. Others find it to be bewildering, inconveniencing, or financially stressful. Kids can no longer go to school. Grocery stores can no longer keep stock.

Everyone is being affected in one way or the other by the energy this is creating within our area.

The question is: how do you take care of your energetic health during this time? How do you ride the unpredictable waves of stress and come out on the other side feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, or enlightened?

Try watching your energy intake. View everything that comes your way as having energy. Every Instagram post. Every photograph. Every conversation. Every thought. Because it does. It does have energy. And that energy does affect us. That energy changes how we take care of ourselves.... or how we don't take care of ourselves. Make a mental note of your energetic health allowance for each day. Maybe one visit per day to the CDC website is fine for your system. Maybe it keeps you in the know and doesn't overwhelm you. But then, maybe ten visits per day overwhelms you, leaving you exhausted and depleted.

Let your intuition guide you. Pay attention to every activity. Every conversation. Every thought. If it's overwhelming your system and bringing imbalance, try replacing it with something that feels energetically replenishing. If your BFF's Facebook post makes you stressed, set your phone down and go for a walk instead. If the upcoming news segment is certain to spike your annoyance, turn it off and turn on your favorite song. If your conversation with your loved one is leaving your feeling energetically on edge, try steering the conversation towards a discussion about the good deeds you've recently seen in your community.

Follow up. Trust yourself. And keep checking in on yourself. This isn't a one-action process. This is a way of being. And this isn't about eliminating energetically difficult thoughts/circumstances/conversations. Because those have a time and place. Those are necessary. But constant inundation of them is not. If you feel yourself running on empty, it might be time to assess your efficiency in balancing your energetic system.

And if you're stuck, energetically drained, and can't pull out of it: reach out to a therapist. Many of us are focused on providing support, encouragement, and guidance to help you get back your energetic well-being.

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