An energy healing practice that can provide a much needed "reset" by clearing energy centers within the body.



Reiki is an energy healing practice which utilizes the healing energy and the body's own life-force energy to engage in the healing process.  Our bodies know how to heal themselves; however, they lack the opportunity or resources.  Reiki helps by directing healing energy into the body's energy field, also known as "aura."  The purpose of this is to clear energy centers and pathways within the body in order to rebalance and harmonize the body again.

While Reiki is not generally seen as a cure, it can be an excellent adjunct method of healing used in addition to other forms of therapy.  Reiki can be used to aid in the healing/alleviation of a variety of issues, as well as simply rebalancing the body and giving you a relaxing, rejuvenating experience.  It can be especially beneficial in helping harmonize energy during the trauma healing process, and it can help ground and release excess energy involved in anxiety management.  

All in all, Reiki is an excellent way to get the energies of your body moving in a healing, harmonious way.

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